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Ok, Christmas is fast approaching. What are you going to ask Santa for this year? Have you been naught or nice? Are you looking for that one BIG present that catches the light from all different angles or the bag of clubs that is going to miraculously turn you into a legitimate golfer? Or is your wish more benevolent and altruistic like a donation made on your behalf to your favourite charity or maybe even the evr-elusive peace on earth?

I read an article at http://beliefnet.com today with the featured article being, The Gift of a New Day. The author, Jennifer E. Jones, brings up some very valid points about how we don’t really take advantage of new days. How often have you or someone close to you said something like, “I can’t wait until this day is over!” or “I wish I had stayed in bed this morning.” We can all agree that life as we know it seems to be speeding along and in some cases, seems to be speeding past us. We either have jobs which sometimes does and sometimes doesn’t pay the bills or we have businesses which are completely dependent upon the economy (which is in a dismal state at this moment) and our relationships with our customers that are strengthened by great customer service and great products or services. Mediocrity in any of these areas usually spells business failure.

Why do we assume that we will be around tomorrow? I don’t know if I will be. Do you? We take it for granted that we will have long and healthy lives that will be filled with love, happiness and good fortune. It is not until we are faced with our own mortality through accident, violence, or a routine check-up at our doctor’s office that we realize how delicate and fleeting life really is.

I am blessed to have an amazing family that I choose to spend as much time as possible with, knowing that each day will never repeat itself. Each day is unique and has limitless possibilities if you choose to seee it as so.

For Christmas, all I want is to have the opportunity to have as many new days as possible. That is the ultimate gift for anyone. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself and others what is more expensive, profound or unique? I dare you to find a btter alternative. Until Christmas, I plan on waking up to each new day like it is a wrapped present under the tree or in a stocking hanging above the fireplace. I will be thrilled, hug those closest to me who are a part of it and play as much with as I can until I can’t stay awake any longer.