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Whealthmaker, what is it? Is it a typo? Should it not be wealthmaker instead?

I have been asked by  friends and colleagues alike about this word that has in some ways become a sort of title or moniker for me.

The idea of it is really quite simple, but the evolution of it is not.

Essentially, the word is derived from combining the words ‘wealth’ and ‘health’ to the word ‘maker’. That is the ‘How’  and is the easy part to explain.

Now comes the more complicated part; the ‘Why’.

It grew out of the my childhood and earlier life that saw the themes ‘health’ and ‘wealth’ as very challenging for myself, my family and loved ones.

I started out life less than healthy. It took time, love and acceptance of an adopted family to help overcome that start, but I am certainly forever grateful that it did happen at all. My understanding and acceptance of health challenge was put to the test on a number of different levels through direct observation and eventually becoming an advocate for children and adults with mental and physical challenges.

As a result, I took to self-managing my mental and physical health.

The topic of wealth was never mentioned, understood or appreciated throughout my childhood or early adulthood. Instead, helping around the house, becoming a Big Brother informally and then formally, and doing part-time jobs to help add to the very modest household income was the main focus.

Learning about and better understanding true wealth and what it can afford you personally or professionally came to me only after I had completed all of my post-secondary education and had been working in the Advertising and then Film and Animation industries in Southern California.

It was only after I made a conscious decision to improve my physical, mental and financial well-being that I took the necessary steps to becoming a ‘whealthmaker’.

We all see and inherently know what happens when things are out-of-balance. I believe that each of us can work towards and eventually find a balance in our lives in order to have greater success, abundance and overall joy.

And yes, a ‘whealthmaker’ must be practical but also optimistic!