Life is a gift. Life is challenging. It can bring the best and worst to us and out of us.

As we mature, finding balance between family, career, friends, hobbies and anything else can seem to be an impossible task.

I am a Whealthmaker. I create wealth in all facets of my life while maintaining a practical and attainable level of health that gives me the best chance of enjoying my life to the fullest.

Getting to this place was certainly not easy nor was it witout a lot of breakdowns, losses, disappointments and failures. But with time and experience comes wisdom and knowledge. These have served me well and I hope that by sharing some ideas, anecdotes and examples others will realize and see that while the journey may be different for everybody, the desire to have balance in one’s life is something that is universally shared.

While there may be an endless amount of ‘get rich’ or ‘get healthy’ quick plans out there, Whealthmaker attempts to inform, guide and suggest in a manner that allows individuals to find out for themselves what will help provide balance for them. After all, we all need and look for something different in life, don’t we? For some, the process of finding and reaching a balance comes early on while for others it can remain elusive and even arduous. Unfortunately, there seems to be more and more people in this latter category in our world today. Maybe that number can be reduced in a profound way through sources such as this.

I invite you to come and see what Whealthmaker is all about. Whether it comes from me, a featured guest or even one of the subscribers, you will learn what works and doesn’t work for others so that you can consider adjusting your own balance. While Health and Wealth are highlighted, other areas of life will be addressed as well. If you or someone you know is an authority on a topic that is appropriate here, please contact us to see how best to proceed.

We can all be Whealthmakers if we choose to be.

My Best,

Blair Jensen


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